AgvX traffic control software

AgvX is a traffic control managing software developed by Proxaut which is used to dynamically manage each single path of its vehicles. Thanks to this intelligent navigation software we assign the tasks to each AGV, we select and optimize the paths, we manage the priorities and monitor each loading and unloading phase. In addition to that, AgvX provides in real time information about the exact position of each AGV and confirms the status of the loaded goods. Proxaut provides each end user with a console interfacing exchanging information which the AgvX software in order to get critical information for system analysis and diagnosis. The software allows the problem visualization and to make inquiries for data consulting.

AGV_Gui supervision software

Proxaut has developed a reliable and consistent supervision software package called AGV_Gui. Starting from the specific requirements of each end user, Proxaut provides a customized release of the supervision software. This package allows the monitoring and the managing of the  intelligent navigation in real time and elaborating each single mission required by the system. The software sends also the instructions to each AGV about where to go and what to do respecting the assigned area. Thanks to a constant communication with the traffic control software, the Supervision SW updates in real time, the status of each AGV and thanks to a graphic tool interface, in real time it is possible to know the path, the position and task of each single AGV.