Proxaut manufactures AGV (automatic guided vehicles) and offers customized solutions able to manage and optimize the processes of handling and storage of goods for many kinds of applications: food, textile, automotive, mechanical, biomedical and so on. The great advantage of Proxaut technology is the possibility to use it where it is necessary in order to automate the traffic inside and outside the warehouses. The companies contact Proxaut because they are looking for technological solutions in order to renew the internal handling systems and they want to automate their manual warehouses. Choosing guided vehicles makes the traffic inside the plants completely safe and significantly reduced in terms of collisions and possibility to lose the goods. Now more than ever that we are coming out of the pandemic of COVID-19, it is necessary to distance the staff and reducing the personal contacts. Thanks to the AGV and LGV made by Proxaut, all goods transport operations are automated and so it is possible to guarantee safe warehouses and low interpersonal exchanges. Consult our reference list and discover our world! Contact us to for more info