Shuttle AGVs represent the ideal completion of any end of line automation chain in your production. Either interfacing automated palletizers, wrapping machines or conventional conveyors, AGV Shuttles will pick the finished pallets and will deliver them to dispatching areas, warehouse or temporary storage area.

Products will be delivered undamaged, in a timely manner, with reduced traffic in your shop floor and generating greater flexibility within your facility.

Mule Shuttle replaces the conventional handling systems by removing all the inefficiencies of a conventional system: the AGV can interface pick-up/drop-off workstations positioned at fixed or variable heights, can be equipped with devices that stabilize unstable loads in order to safely transport any type of product.

AGV Shuttles provides flexible configurations with roller conveyors, chain or motorized belts and can handle different types of products and materials. Whichever transport system you choose (motorized chains, roller or motorized belts), we can configure the AGV with a different number of slots, in order to satisfy any type of requirement or expected throughput.