2021 is the year in which PROXAUT introduces itself to all its customers and stakeholders with a new brand, and it seemed important to us to tell you why we chose it and how it talks about us.

During 2020 we all suffered a slowdown, and despite this moment we took the opportunity to satisfy the desire to renew ourselves, also from the brand’s point of view. When we asked ourselves “who is Proxaut?” many phrases, many adjectives came out, also bringing to mind significant experiences that have marked people’s hearts and in the end, the word in which we recognized ourselves was “uniqueness”. This is not meant to be presumption, but we have realized that each of our projects is highly customized and speaks of us and our customers, and their peculiarities.

Everything we do is far from the concept of standards, and it is for this reason that we have recognized ourselves in the unicorn, the ultimate symbol of uniqueness. We also found in this mythological animal some of our values such as beauty, which we always look for in our AGVs, and the concept of strength, the one used by our vehicles to transport and transfer goods.

In addition to the symbol, we also defined a new pay-off and, in the end, we chose “keep going”: it is an exhortation for us to go ahead and continue to work and believe in the future, but it is also aimed at our customers, because we all need to grow and look to the future with confidence and positivity.