PROXAUT - About us and our history

Proxaut, founded in 1996 by Stefano Ballotti who is currently the CEO, has been working for more than twenty years in the design and the production of automatic guided vehicles (AGV). The long-experienced CEO Mr. Stefano Ballotti began in the early 1980s in the field of Material Handling and now Proxaut is proud of its own know-how in handling and storage of goods. The constant research for innovative solutions, combined with the best and most advanced technologies available on the market, has made Proxaut a leading company in the design and the manufacturing of highly customized AGV and LGV. After developing excellent references in Italy with offering tailor-made projects and ad-hoc solutions based on customer’s needs, Proxaut started more than a year ago an internationalization process introducing new skilled figures and making large investments. Despite the difficulties due to the spreading of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year 2020, the Company maintained its contractual commitments thanks to its extreme versatility and digitalization. Thanks to these core features Proxaut is crossing the Italian borders, becoming a reliable partner also worldwide. Follow us on Linkedin  

Customized vehicles and technical solutions

Proxaut designs, manufactures and tests all its automatic systems inside the new plant in Piumazzo (MO), inaugurated in 2018. The Company is able to manage all the necessary software and the remote assistance internally. Maximum care is also dedicated to safety thanks to its qualified personnel, in accordance with the most recent standards. Managing these activities internally is a significant advantage because it allows offering solutions to problems in a very short time and to keep the know-how internally. Proxaut since the very beginning decided to stand out from the competitors pursuing a specific goal: the creation of highly customized innovative vehicles with ad-hoc solutions, capable of improving the productivity and safety. The company offers a consultancy service and after-sales technical assistance on its older systems in order to keep the vehicles efficient and safe.