AgvX is a traffic control Manager, developed by Proxaut, which dynamically manages each single path of forklifts and shuttles. As intelligent navigation we define the ability of each end user, via AgvX, to assign the next task to each AGV, select an optimized path, manage priorities, monitor each loading and unloading. In addition to that, AgvX provides real time information about exact position of each AGV and confirms the status of the loaded goods. AgvX can support the end user to manage any warehouse or distribution center, no matter the dimensions of the facility, the length of the paths or the number of AGVs used. Proxaut provides each end user with a console interfacing AgvX SW and from which operators can get access to critical information for system analysis and diagnoses, as well as detecting errors and making queries in the database.


Proxaut has developed a reliable and consistent supervision SW package called AGV_Gui. Starting from the specific requirements of each end user, Proxaut delivers a customized release of the supervision SW. This SW package is monitoring and managing the intelligent navigation real time, elaborating each single mission required by the system and sending instructions to each AGV about where to go and what to do, within an assigned lay-out. By constantly communicating with the traffic control SW, the Supervision SW updates, real time, the status of each AGV. Thanks to a graphic tool interface, the traffic manager knows, real time, path, position and task of each single AGV. Since Proxaut is making these big amount of data available and easily accessible, each end user can dramatically improve several performances within its business.