PROXAUT has been established in 1996 by Stefano Ballotti, owner, CEO and founder of the company with a longstanding experience in the Material Handling industry. Since the early 80s Stefano has been part of the fast growing Industrial Automation and Automatic Warehousing businesses, pioneering the early stages of the AGV technology in Italy. Long experience, technical knowledge, R&D and continuous innovation are the four cornerstones of our leadership in the design, manufacturing and delivery of AGVs. Particularly, since day one, PROXAUT has been committed to be a frontrunner in the challenging business of developing technologies for magnetic, inductive and laser guided vehicles (AGVs, IGVs, LGVs). PROXAUT has a wide range of international references, having installed a lot of systems in Europe, Asia and North America. At PROXAUT we control the complete lifecycle of our systems, thanks to our advanced AGV skillset: We support our customers during every stage of their projects, from concept to configuration, ensuring an outstanding aftersales follow-up with high qualified technicians. We provide qualified long term support either on site and from remote, throughout the product lifetime. Every customer is properly trained and qualified to the use of our AGV system management. PROXAUT, along with the end user, will take care of a hassle free integration with the existing systems.

How we work

We are a dynamic company fully committed to offer a quick and professional solution to any request of our customers. Our business model is focused on customizing our products, tailor made for each application, always justifying the optimal return on investment for the end user. Each of our AGV is the result of meticulous internal analysis, technical steps and processes:

Our core business

PROXAUT, with over 20 years of experience, has a strong leadership in designing and manufacturing automatic guided vehicles (AGV, LGV, IGV) for a wide range of applications in the material handling business and with a level of extraordinary flexibility in moving various products of different shapes, weights and sizes. PROXAUT is able to manage any existing and reliable navigation technology (inductive, laser or inertial) either as stand-alone navigation system or in a mix of two of them on the same vehicle. Besides the core business of producing new vehicles, we are able and available to support our clients in retrofitting and upgrading existing AGVs. As main part our core business, our core values drive our daily activities and behaviours::


We want to become the main benchmark for our customers, delivering AGVs with uncompromised reliability, for any material handling need they might have. We will find the best solutions that ensure safe, innovative and environmentally friendly material handling, always focusing on the complete satisfaction of the end user. We will pursue the optimization of the products flow between the different areas of the plant, reducing costs and improving efficiency. We will ensure high quality standards, with no compromise on safety.

Contacts and informations

PROXAUT is located in Piumazzo, within the province of Modena, in Northern Italy. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any question, advice need and product/system information request. Visit our contacts page