Proxaut Automated Guided Vehicles

Since 1997 we design and manufacture Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), delivering Forklifts and Shuttles to either small and large businesses.

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“When being forward-looking rewards. The virus COVID-19 never stopped us!”

The spreading of COVID-19 virus in Europe, and in particular in the Northern area of Italy, it’s a daily news in the last two months and in Emilia-Romagna region, the lock-down started on the 8th March.

In that period of silence, PROXAUT did not stand by and showing its determination, took immediately the situation under control issuing, since the very beginning, procedures to limit the transmission of the virus. The keyword was “be safe and protect yourself” for all the staff since human resources were the first priority.

The company invested immediately in the supply of personal protection equipment, enabling the remote working and re-arranging, in a very short time, the internal procedures including the working shifts and places. In Italy, the remote working is not so spread but, on the contrary, PROXAUT already exploited this kind of opportunity in the past for some of its employees, with good results. The forward-looking of this previous pilot project was really decisive to restart the working activity in a very short time since, thank to this, PROXAUT gave to all its stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and employees, the possibility to keep on working.

The current virus spreading never stopped the growth of the company and, in spite of the local and institutional adversity, hired three new skilled employees who will increase the internal competences and knowledge.

Italy is a very strong country and, especially in this difficult situation, proved once again that companies are not only for business, but also for giving a local social support.

The Executive Board of PROXAUT

04th May 2020, Castelfranco Emilia